Let’s take a look at Eloy Morales‘ works. Self-portraits…neat. Here and there’s some water in his face, here’s some oil in his face. Yep, neat pictures. But wait, these aren’t photos! No, no! These are handmade paintings! Yes, you read right! They’re painted!

The Spaniard studied arts in Madrid and now he has specialized in creating hyper realistic portraits of himself. Because at some point he got bored with that, he has mastered the art of drawing his own face with in different conditions. On the one hand, dirt covers his face and on the other, he’s behind a watery filter. By now he’s gotten so good at it, that you can’t really differ from reality and a brushstroke. Of course his paintings have to be large for such fine details. The canvases are usually a few square meters large, hence making his works even more astounding.

Eventually, the Spaniard doesn’t only paint himself. No, he even creates detailed paintings of other people. And he doesn’t hide a single bit, any skin blemish, any grey hair and any wrinkle is portrayed.  I wonder if he traded his soul for his skills or if he’s just really skilled and practices a lot. I guess it’s going to stay a secret forever, and as long as he doesn’t tell us, I hope that someday my painting skills will be better than those of a middle schooler.

Information and Image Source:  http://sobadsogood.com/2013/09/19/these-giant-hyperrealistic-paintings-will-absolutely-floor-you/