Lingerie brand BeeDees (Munich) asks for induction of Valentine’s Day as an official holiday

On an online petition demands the induction of Valentine’s Day as an official bank holiday under the motto “Clear for love”. They do make a strong case as they explain how essential it is to have a whole day off work to celebrate love and love only. During a survey some were looking for “a whole day in bed and make love” sounded awesome. A young man claimed that it would be a great opportunity for Singles to “go out and see who is still available”. One American even inquired “Why not make it worldwide?”

Esther Kadachi-von Löwe, Senior Brand Manager at BeeDees, lingerie label from Munich exclaimed: “Germany already has the Labour Day, so why not a day dedicated for love?” The petition as well as the campaign was BeeDee’s way to bring up the issue around Valentine’s Day. She sees the induction of a day off work in purpose of love would be an effective way to cancel out child poverty in Germany.

On a little side note: Valentine’s Day was – against all rumours – not invented by the florists or the British not even by the Americans. Saint Valentinus was a bishop in the third century A.D. He married couples, who were officially forbidden by the emperor to do so. At each ceremony he gifted each couple flowers from this garden. He later paid the price for it in February, 14 269 A.D. under the guillotine. His remains are still in Krumbach, close to Günzburg. The church declared him a Saint, however stopped celebrating him since 1969 but people from all over the world continued to do so. This enabled many traditions in the name of love to bloom such as declaring each other’s love by carving their initials into a lock, and locking it onto a love bridge.










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