In 2010, the designer Scott Summit founded the company “Bespoke Innovations”, based on 20 years experiences in design and additive fabrication. Some of his clients were Apple, Nike and Palm. He also received many prizes, winning the IDSA, the IDEA and the Good Design.

His medical leg prostheses stand out the most. They just look fantastic. They have nothing to do with chunky wooden legs, but they offer perfect design and uniqueness for every patient. The Industrial design and biological elements become one entity and so the end product represent san amazing symbiosis of both worlds.

The client can customize his/her design since it’s going to be his/her own new leg. The designs are stunning, but also the quality is amazingly light, resistant and offers comfort. Whether you like to play soccer, riding motorbikes or just walking, these prostheses are usable for any occasion.

One masterpiece costs around $5,000-$6,000. “Normal” prostheses have similar prices (according to the insurance, the grade of mutilation etc.). Yet, they’re much prettier than those.

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