Way too often our bank balance prevents us from truly chasing after our dreams. But sometimes, we’re the only person standing in our way. Maybe you don’t even need to save a lot of money; maybe you just need to listen to your gut and follow your intuition. You won’t acquire your next dream car by doing so, but the principle actually works while being on the road.

It is essential to take your time and to sacrifice certain luxuries in order to travel on a low budget. That’s why you don’t book that expensive train ticket, instead you simply take a ride like offered by the App BlaBlaCar – those alternatives even get increasingly cheaper abroad. But if you’re even too broke for such alternative options, just put on that beautiful smile of yours and get a nice cosy place by the side of the road and thumb a lift. Although hitchhiking is a little out of fashion these days, it still works if you’ve got a certain amount of patience. In case you don’t want to wait for hours, just talk to people at gas stations, grocery stores, etc.

When you’ve finally managed to arrive at your destination, you need a place to stay. Nature enthusiasts simply pitch a tent at a location of their choosing. There are countries that prohibit camping without official permission – so watch out for that. But if you’re longing for a bed, give couch surfing a try! Just sign up on a website which gives you access to people who share their couch, or guest room. This way, you don’t only have a bed, but you also automatically connected with the locals.

The website workaway works similar: You can sign up for international projects and in return, the organizer offers a place to stay with food included, but at no charge. Projects range from building schools, to agricultural work, to social services – there’s something for everyone. Additionally, you are also fortunate to get a perfect glimpse of different cultures, depending on which country you are traveling to.

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