Players of the Stealth action title Hitman can look forward to a small gift from the developers Io-Interactive and Square Enix on the 13th of December 2016 in the form of a free DLC. In the “Holiday Hoarders” mission, you will be in the role of Agent 47 in the snowy Paris. In the festively decorated city it is necessary to stop 2 gift thieves and to save Christmas. In addition during the holiday days, additional challenges and rewards will be added to Hitman.

IO Interactive also wants the players to return something. The new mission is published to support the World Cancer Research Fund. Therefore, players are asked to make a donation to cancer research via www.wcrf-uk.org/hitman. “Cancer is something that affects everyone in one way or another at some point in their life,” emphasizes Hannes Seifert of IO Interactive and asks the players for support in the fight against the disease.