Millinery is a craft which only a few in this world have mastered and are still practicing in our modern time defined by short-lived trends and mainstream fashion. Keely Hunter, a young designer, nevertheless devoted her entire being to the art of making hats, when she founded her own hat label. Inspired by nature, she is always on the lookout for new techniques, materials and structures to create breathtaking and unique hats. Her goal is definitely not to appeal the mainstream crowd. Instead she wants to address the female individual who wants to implement her special vision of fashion. Personal fulfillment therefore is a very important factor in the creation of Keely’s hats instead of following any fashion trend.

On a regular base, Keely Hunter is participating in collaborations with other designers and art projects. In order to stress the significance of the individual, she offers custom-made products. In her avant-garde collections, she dedicates her creations to one particular topic to bring her designs to life. No wonder that her works are featured in renowned magazines like the Elle, Vogue and the Glamour. By designing almost sculptural pieces, Keely Hunter has called into existence a completely new form and concept of beauty.

The summer collection 2015 bears the name “tidal frame”, dealing with the beauty and deep respect we feel when facing one of the most mystical natural phenomena: the tides. Light materials marked by complex structures embody the movements of the water and the waves. It’s above all the fascinator which is placed in the focus in Keely Hunter’s collection. Decorated with exciting applications, this type of hat is figuratively experiencing a reincarnation through Keely’s modern designs. Keely Hunter furthermore makes use of plastic which she transforms into voluminous creations. In the collection, we can therefore spot a beanie which is embellished with geometric plastic shapes in the front. The same applies to the raffia hat and the flat cap. Incredible. This designer is able to incorporate this very complicated topic into each and every type of hat, no matter whether it’s a casual model or a real ladies’ hat


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