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You stand in front of your closet and you don’t know what you should wear. It’s not that you have too few clothes, the problem has already been discussed and proven false. Sometimes, you miss an inspiration.

With “Fleek”, the fashion firm Zalando has developed an app, which will solve this dilemma. Fleek is a network that brings Influencer and Blogger with the latest fashion trends and outfit to you, or with the words of Zalando: “your door to the fashion world.”

With a wide range of stylish young people who give you inspiration for your own outfit every day, Fleek is less time-consuming than a personal stylist such as Zalon by Zalando, but on the other hand, much more individual than other platforms such as Instagram. The user has the opportunity to follow different influencers, which he likes from style, in order to always be up to date. Alternatively, you can also follow brands where you are interested.

The components of each outfit are indicated, so you can hit directly if you like an outfit or only a part of it.

In addition to new products, the app also accesses the brands’ social media channels. “Follow your favorite brands and get up-to-date information about the latest products and social media feeds,” the website says.

However, Fleek is also completely dependent on the situation. By entering the favorite tags and the location, which can either be specified manually or via the GPS function, the app makes suggestions for the appropriate clothing for the day – depending on the weather and the time of the day. This also works with the season, especially to the holidays.

Join the Fleek community today! The app is available for both iOS devices and Android users.


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