The idea that the bride plays the leading role in the wedding has long been outdated. Nowadays, it is also the man who dresses up and proves that a suit may have many facets. The men’s label Wilvorst offers trendsetting suit fashion for the cosmopolitan man who loves luxury. The high-quality wool and silk blend makes the pieces so special.

Particularly events such as weddings require extraordinary settings. For this reason, Wilvorst Homme presents a glamorous suit collection where classic chic meets modern innovation, retaining the traditional look while making it more elegant. As usual, suit pants and suit coats become the protagonists while their classic slim cut remains the same. Here, the label loves to play with luxurious details that can be found as accessories on shirts, vests, etc.

This is joined by slightly tapered sack coats whose length has changed as well. Some of them remind of the tailcoat because of their length, but their classic shape remains the same. The pleated pants are adapted to the design of the upper denim part, but this doesn’t mean they have to come in the same colors. The variety of colors is what makes the collection so special. Lavender is, for example, combined with striking blue.

Soft color contrasts and patterns adorn a man’s image.

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