If you look at the first row of today’s fashion shows you will no longer only see fashion journalists, stylists and purchasing agents but bloggers as well.

Sitting next to big names of fashion journalism like Anna Wintour are bloggers like Chiara Ferragni. And yes, of course, you could argue that Ferragni’s blog “The Blonde Salad” is the most successful blog in the world, but still – it’s a revolution nonetheless.

Your own blog – that’s what many people dream about. A platform to communicate your inner thoughts and to share self-made photo stories with the world. But with an ever so growing competition among bloggers what might seem like a dream come true is a harsh struggle for the most clicks.

So where to start? If you google “How to blog” you’ll find a myriad of different tips and tricks, rules and do’s and dont’s. That’s quite astonishing for a format that claims to be one of the most free forms of expression. But sadly, the time of just speaking your mind seems to have come to an end and being replaced by good and plain old marketing. But still – There are a few helpful tricks that do not want to force you in a specific mindset but offer a good insight on how to start. It’s YOUR blog after all.

  • Start NOW

We as humans often dream of things we’d like to accomplish but sadly do no start doing them. You don’t have the time right now; you need to clear your head first – blablabla. You know the thrill. The biggest obstacle is not the competition but yourself. So stop finding excuses and start, goddamnit.

  • Is there a niche that you can fill?

If you start a blog you should first ask yourself what you would like to write about. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one very specific topic from the get go since your blog will change over time like you do yourself. But you should still consider if there might be a market gap for a specific topic that suits you well. You should consider thinking about a target audience. Do you want to write for gamers or fashion enthusiasts? For young or old people? Men or Women?

  • Find your style!

If you have your own blog you often wonder who even reads it. What makes you stand out of the crowd? The answer is yourself, your individual character, your personality and your style. Millions of bloggers just copy other more successful bloggers. That’s why they all seem so much alike. And in turn become irrelevant.

  • Hold on!

Many bloggers fail because they become fed up of constantly blogging or do not have the time for it anymore. But success is not something that you just obtain by accident; success is something that demands perseverance. At first you might have only one reader, later on ten or maybe a hundred. But if you start your blog with posting regularly but get bored by it after a while you should not be surprised that your readers get bored with your blog as well.

  • The Art of Writing

Some readers just want to skim the news, others want to sink into a good story and forget the world around them. As author you should think about what kind of content you’d like to provide your readership with. Some topics can be summed up in a few easy sentences, others need to be carefully researched and demand rich background information. Besides that a good story is not necessarily a good article. You should try to communicate the things you have lived through to the reader in a matter that makes him belief he has been there as well. Try to convey this kind of feeling and your readers will surely come back to read more.