Makeup has turned into a huge trend on Instagram. Makeup artists can really implement their ideas and let their creativity run free on the image sharing platform. While browsing through the individual accounts, you will find unique works, some of which can truly be considered a piece of art. But since not everyone immediately encounters the most artistic accounts, we are presenting  you three artists you need to follow on Instagram:

  1. @Twigmakeup

It’s finally spring over here so I have put some colours together :> I’ve used: EYES: – Icon from @limecrimemakeup Venus palette – Mustard, Jam, Mud and Boot from @limecrimemakeup Venus II palette – Levu, Tropic and Bamboo from @suvabeauty 30 Shade Pro Palette – @nyxpolska Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Silk – @nyxcosmetics Vivid Brights in Vivid Violet LASHES: – @blackmagiclashes Wicked lashes EYEBROWS: – @catrice.cosmetics Longlasting Brow Definer in 040 LIPS: – @goldenrosepolska Matte Lipstick Crayon in 02 PLUGS: – @lovekillsboutique Olivewood plugs #limecrimemakeup #limecrimevenus2 #limecrimevenus #suvagirls #suvabeauty #nyxpolska #nyxcosmetics #catricemakeup #goldenrosetr #lovekillsboutique #blackmagiclashes #colourfulsmoky

Ein von Lizzie (@twigmakeup) gepostetes Foto am

Lizzie Cyclops is a professional makeup artist from Poland. She has more than 35k subscribers, who she regularly supplies with her new works. Her looks are less wearable in everyday life but more suitable as inspiration for Editorial Makeup or can be regarded as independent artworks.

  1. @lapetitevengeance

This Makeup account is more about the entire face than only the eye makeup. The truly artistic images by makeup artist Marika D’Auteuil show fantastic works and, most importantly, they are demonstrating her huge talent.

  1. @kelseyannaf

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick is a makeup artist from Vancouver, Canada, impressing with 46k subscribers. Her works are, as you can see, more than just makeup and are absolutely ready for the runway.

Image 1: © @lapetitevengeance