If you have ever been on Instagram, you will realize that Lip Art is one of the most popular topics when it comes to makeup. Although it is not really suitable for everyday and is not wearable in everyday life, it is great for editorial shoots or for achieving the ultimate breakthrough on Instagram. If you are interested in creating your own work of art, you should definitely get these following products:

 ‘Drug Lord’ Liquid Lipstick von Jeffree Star

Liquid Lipsticks are generally the best colors that you can use for Lip Art. The formula dries to form a matte finish and is super pigmented, which is ideal for creating Lip Art. A white Liquid Lipstick definitely as to be included into your collection because it is a great tool not only for mixing new colors, but also for detail work.

Smith Cosmetics Microliner Brush

Since we don’t always have plenty of space on the lips, you need the right tools in order to create small and delicate details. Such a fine brush is therefore a must-have to create the most beautiful and filigree looks.

Violet Voss Glitter ‚Golden Fairy’

Glitter is one of the most beautiful things when it comes to makeup and should be part of your Lip Art Makeup Collection. The Violet Voss brand is one of the most popular glitter manufacturers and offers a wide range of colors at an affordable price. The color ‘Golden Fairy Glitter’ is very versatile and can be used for many different looks.

Image 1: © @girlgreybeauty