Anastasia Beverly Hills

Highlighters have been the ultimate makeup trend in the last couple of years, looking particularly amazing in the summer. But since most of the hyped high-end products are not always very affordable, it can often be too expensive for most of us. However, if you do some research, you will see that you don’t need to live without the unique glow anymore because there are a lot of cheaper brands that create dupes whose quality is surprisingly similar to that of the expensive high-end products. Here are the best Dupes for expensive Highlighters:

  1. Kiko Water Eyeshadow in ‚208’ instead of ‚Whisper Of Guilt’  MAC

,Whisper Of Guilt’ by MAC is considered one of the most wanted Highlighters on the market. But first of all, the price isn’t exactly what you would call affordable. Secondly, the product always comes back as a limited edition and leaves our world shortly after. Right now it’s not even available. That’s why you definitely need this eyeshadow by Kiko. The gold color is absolutely stunning and looks simply fantastic on tanned skin.

  1. Milani Face & Body Baked Bronzer instead of Bobbi Brown ‘Bronzed Glow’

Bobbi Brown launched their highlighter in ‚Bronze Glow’ a few years ago for the first time. Because it is so unique, it got hyped so much that it was sold out simply everywhere. Now the super expensive Highlighter, which costs around 60 euros, has returned. However, you don’t need it anymore, since this product by Milani is basically the same thing. Milani originally launched the product as a bronzer. Turns out it is nearly identical to Bobbi Brown’s ‚Bronze Glow’.

  1. Elf Baked Highlighter in ‚Moonlight Pearls’ instead of Anastasia Beverly Hills ‚Starlight’

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‚Starlight’ is one of those colors that is ideal for super pale makeup fans, who always struggle with finding the matching highlighter. Since this product is certainly a very expensive treat, the Baked Highlighter by Elf is the perfect dupe for it. The color is absolutely identical and gives your face a beautiful glow.