1. Apply a brown eyeshadow (‘Cocoa Bear’ by Makeup Geek) on the inner and outer part of your lids, leaving out the center.

2. Then take a dark brown eyeshadow (‘Mocha’ by Makeup Geek) and apply it in the crease. blending it out with a light brown color (‘Soft Brown’ by MAC).

3. Next use a gold cream eyeshadow (‘Copper’ by Bobbi Brown) on the center of your lids. Apply a gold eyeshadow (‘Half Baked’ by Urban Decay) on top of it.

4. Use the eyeshadows in the same order on your lower lash line: dark brown on inner and outer corner, gold eyeshadows in the center.

5. Don’t forget the dark brown kajal on your waterline (‘Teddy’ by MAC).

6. Apply Mascara on top and bottom lashes.

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