Manny MUA aka Manny Guitierrez – the name currently appears all over Youtube, Instagram or Twitter. The Makeup Artist scored several magnificent coups in the past, including successful collaborations with various makeup brands.

With a support system of over one million subscribers, the Makeup Artist launched an unprecedented career as a full-time Beauty Guru. Manny MUA is fighting for a new perception of masculinity wherein the man is free to let his creativity unfold even when it comes to makeup. In several of his videos he talks about how he wants to introduce his younger audience to the world of makeup and show them that it’s okay to wear make-up as a man, no matter if drag or not.

His passion for makeup is perfectly reflected in his recent collaborations with brands like Makeup Geek or Ofra Cosmetics.

The phenomenal palette Manny created with Makeup Geek Cosmetics is the perfect incarnation of his bubbly personality that is shown in 9 eyeshadow shades. He didn’t only create the colors himself but also the packaging of the product. The moon, which is his trademark, symbolizes his connection to his childhood memory of Sailor Moon. The names of the colors and the shades themselves are inspired by the Japanese Anime Show as well.

The brand Ofra Cosmetics also gave him the chance to demonstrate his outstanding sense for aesthetics creating three different Liquid Lipsticks, which  blew up the beauty market and sold out everywhere in no time.

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