Previously, it took weeks to travel to other continents and countries, but today it only takes a few hours or days, but to land on another planet, it is a matter of years. How should a space traveller reach another planet without becoming old and grey? No matter how fast we build the rockets (disregarding the speed of light, since it’s not possible), it will always be a matter of eternity.

Several ideas appear before the scientists, from the multi-generation rockets, where only the 4th or 5th generation would reach the goal, to the possibly more realistic artificial hibernation. There are even several ideas – freezing the body to prevent aging is one theory that is in hot discussion, a form of artificial winter hibernation since the body is “consumed” much more slowly, regenerates itself better and is more resistant. With such “preservation”, space travellers could survive long years in their youth and colonise new planets, but only in theory, as a journey to the stars would always take several years, if not decades. It is also unknown whether such an artificially induced coma would bring damage to the health.

Until it is clarified how we can conserve humans on the long journey, journeys to the distant stars remain dreams.