KitchenAid has already been featured on Readthetrieb on a multitude of occasions for a good reason. Once more, the brand is enriching the culinary world with a new innovative kitchen gadget that was even rated “good” by the most influential German consumer organization Sitftung Warentest.

The KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor is a machine that is able to bake, cook, steam, mix and sear. But that’s not it. This multifunctional gadget is equipped with a variety of additional features that will help you create a stunning dish to impress your darling. With the Artisan Cook Processor, you will be working with a plethora of different kitchen gadgets all unified in one stylish machine.

Another awesome gimmick that comes with the Artisan Cook Processor is the  App exclusively designed for it. The App provides you with inspiration in order to help you reach new culinary spheres. Be it a dessert, roast potatoes or a shrimp burger, with the help of the Artisan Cook Processor, cooking will become a walk in the park… well, almost!

Indeed, KitchenAid is sounding the bell for a new era of kitchen gadgets.

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