Negin Mirsaheli

The whole world probably knows that Dutchmen are quite liberal and progressive. Yet, we can’t emphasize strongly enough that Dutchmen are also up in terms of fashion. It’s not for nothing that labels such as G-Star Raw were born here. Holland is also home to great influencers that have become extremely popular in fashion and beauty world thanks to social media.

Here are the top three Instagram influencers from Holland.

Negin Mirsaheli

The 28-year-old Persian beauty now lives in LA. Most of you’d probably say: “She’s living the high life.” Follow her on Instagram and discover the world through her eyes! She already has 3 million subscribers and the number increases steadily!

Jiami Jongejan

She is a blogger, Instagrammer, YouTuber and passionate coffee enthusiast. Jiami likes it sporty, casual, yet elegant. Also, her fans love her for her beautiful makeup looks.

Andy Torres

She’s the founder of popular blog Style Scrap Book and sweetens your day regularly with beautiful pictures and looks. Like Negin, Andy also seems to paint the town red in the land of opportunity. Recently, she was seen at the world-famous Coachella festival! Follow Andy on Instagram. 675 000 are already doing it!