Back then Instagram used to be a simple smartphone app for people to share random photos of their life. However, the app has long turned into big business. Bloggers, other influencers and companies have found a way to make money on Instagram by simply sharing their products they want to sell on the app. Ksenia Zaharova, for example, published the e-book “How To Sell On Instagram – the Ultimate Guide” where you get useful tips on how to prepare your photos as well as promote and sell your products. Here is some advice to improve your business’ results.

Upload Quality Pictures

People use Instagram to look on cool and inspiring pictures. They want eye candy. This is why uploading high-resolution photos of your products is a must. Make sure you have good lighting. Nothing is worse than a blurry, dark picture. Decide whether you want to have either non-distracting, neutral backgrounds (e.g. white) or incorporate alternative, more outstanding stylistic devices into the photo. Here’s an example: If you want to sell jewelry, it might have a better effect when putting a few harmonious details around or beneath it. How about flowers to make it more romantic-looking or a vintage plate beneath to enhance the elegant character of your jewelry? However, be careful. Too much color or patterns can easily distract, so the viewer wouldn’t even notice the product itself.


Hashtags will attract more viewers. Use a mix of appropriate trending and popular hashtags that are used the most to get attention from more people and very specific ones that describe the things you want to sell better. The first type of hashtags will get you more viewers quickly, but since millions of pictures with the same hashtags are uploaded every day, your picture will quickly get lost in the pool. The second type of hashtags gives you a better chance to both go into detail and remain on top of the picture pool.

Insta Sales App

Trust me, people are too lazy to copy the plain URL you’ve shared on your profile to go on their Chrome, Firefox or whatever app to paste it there and look for your website. There are smart apps that make everything easier (e.g. With the help of these tools, you can simply add a direct link in the description caption or on your profile. The viewer will simply have to click on it and can be directly led to the product’s website.

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