Being born and raised in Berlin one does normally regard to other cultures party habits with a little bit of scepticism. The strange and bizarre festivities displayed by other nations often seem so different and almost not understandable considering the pure and uttermost brainlessness the gathered party crowd shows.

One of those occasions, which let’s us scratch our heads in confusion, is the annually occurring spring break. On spring break, students from all over the US gather on the sunny and warm places the nation has to offer, in order to break out of their routine and finally to something crazy and stupid.

So far, so good, one now tends to think. Why not let all those suburban college kids have some fun as well? Considering their on going efforts in order to obtain a degree, one might think they would have earned it. Sadly spring break turns out to have become a fuck fest of unimaginable proportions consisting of bad music and people acting as if they would have consumed their first beer – what considering the required age to obtain alcohol actually could be.