Dillon is surely someone, who most of you have already heard about. If that’s not the case I suggest you fill this massive educational gap at once. This pleasant lady, who now chooses to live in Berlin, originally comes from Brazil. She lived in Cologne for a while but resumed her journey and traveled to the capital, which seems to be the road most of the creative minds choose sooner or later. Ever since the age of 17 she’s been singing, composing her own songs and generally making music. And this passion began with the humble piano in her parent’s residence and only a short time span after the discovery of her talent she was part of the supporting act of Tocotronic, a popular German rock band.

She just recorded a beautiful track in the sound studios called Tonstudios Funkhaus Berlin, the historical recording studio of the GDR. As for the recording itself, let me tell you this, it’s as hauntingly beautiful as it is unique. In the matching documentary, published by ZDF.Kultur, we get a tiny glimpse into the life of the artist as well as her beautiful songs. Along with her professional partner Tamer she created the most honest piece of music I’ve had the honor to listen to in a very long time. It’s definitely a must-hear/watch. Hop over to Youtube and check it out.

Copyright and Source:  https://myspace.com/ladybirdd