Hey Beauties.

Todays’ article will show you how to effectively clean your false eye lashes. I once was of the opinion that you could only re-use your fake lashes for a number of time and then throw them out but you can actually clean them like you do with your brushes and have them for a long amount of time. So if you’re curious as to how I cleaned my fake lashes, keep on scrolling.

You’ll need:

1x make-up remover without any oil like the micellaire water by Bioderma
1x pair of tweezers
cotton swaps

Step 1
Take your pair of tweezers and start to gently pull the glue and mascara off the fake lash line.

Step 2
Do that with every single pair of lashes you have. Honestly, this part was really fun for me, all you have to do is work carefully and meticulously to ensure a much quicker cleanse afterwards.

Step 3
The third and last step involves your make-up remover, which I put into a little bowl out of practical reasons. You’ll also need a couple of cotton swaps. Put a towel or something of that sort under your lashes and dip the cotton swaps into the make-up remover. Then ever so gently swipe over the lashes to remove any mascara that’s left. The dirt will accumulate on the towel and you’re left with perfectly clean false lashes.

I really hope this little tutorial was of help to you!

Yours truly,

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