Nowadays, national identity isn’t only defined by the place you were born in. Cosmopolitan mindsets have long influenced the citizens of exceptionally modern big cities. Those who were born in Berlin can’t be satisfied just by discovering German cities and the underappreciated impressive nature of Germany. Globetrotting is calling. Wanderlust has captured our senses and leads us to Asia, South America and Australia. We pack our cases and hurl ourselves into adventures.

The cosmopolitan fashion fan, who is stimulated by the holiday fever, starts getting abroad more than ever before in order to discover the world. This is why the suitcase plays an ever crucial role in the life of a fashionable globetrotter.

Here are the three most amazing suitcase designs for fashion-conscious men.


Burberry proves how sexy and stylish traveling can be. The small four-wheeled case made of refined black leather stands out thanks to its subtle classical look and impresses with functionality.


Have the opportunity to feel like agent 007 James Bond. Spectre Luggage Collection by Globe-Trotter allows you to be at least as stylish as the British top agent. Also available at Harrod’s.


It’s getting urban and casual with Herschel Supply, probably one of the most seen bags brand in Berlin, London and co. The two-wheeled suitcase stands out with a cool camouflage print and completes your look in the most fashionable way.