A red lipstick is a symbol of true femininity. Red lips take the self-confidence of every woman to another level and turn every lady into a bombshell, a real femme fatale. But not every shade of red looks good on everybody. To find your own, personal, perfect red, you have to examine the undertone of your skin and look for a matching lipstick that is defined by a complementary undertone. Here is a list of various shades of red, from which different skin tones can choose their ideal color.

  1. ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE MATS by Yves Saint Laurent
    Such a shade of red looks fantastic when you combine it with darker skin tones. The dark red and the matte finish create a sexy combination that looks just super stylish with black or white clothing. But also very fair skin tones can wear the color when a sexy grunge look is desired.
  2. ‘Fire Engine’ by Gerard Cosmetics
    Another lipstick with a matte formula. However, the color is a true red that flatters almost all skin tones. And the special characteristic about the color: It is defined by a slightly blue undertone, which will make your teeth look whiter.
  3. Rouge Coco by Chanel
    Chanel is probably the mother of red lipsticks. But the color ‘Coco’ is something very special. The shade is super bright and is characterized by a slightly orange undertone, which creates a certain freshness to the lips and will give your look a noble touch, especially on super fair skin tones.