Everything is supposed to be handmade when it comes to a really good cigar: from the tobacco sowing to to the rolling of tobacco leaves.

The extravagant production has its price, which is why smoking cigars on a regular basis can get really expensive. The upper price segment already starts at 20€ per piece. But those cigars are still not comparable to the most expensive cigar in the world, which costs several hundred euros per piece.

The brand Cohiba has always been considered one of the best cigar manufactrories. The excellent reputation is characterized by the excellent quality of each ingredient  and the special concoction of aromas.

2006 was the year when the most expensive cigar in the world was created. For the 40th anniversary of Cohiba, the brand produced a strictly limited edition of 100 boxes, called Cohiba Behike. The cigars were rolled by the master Torcedora (cigar roller) Norma Fernandez, a woman who stands second to noone when it comes to the creation of high-class cigars. Each box contains 40 cigars. Handmade wooden boxes, also called humidors, created by the renowned Parisian company Elie Bleu were used to do the exclusivity of the actual product justice.

The Cohiba Behike cigars are considered the most expensive and exclusive Habano cigars in history and were each awarded with a double gold band. The price for one box therefore is 15,000 euros, every single Cohiba Behike is sold at a price of 375 euros.

Cohiba Website: cohiba.com

Image: © charutos.com