Endless steppes, beautiful people in magnificent robes, fearless warriors riding impetuous horses, fascinating culture and intriguing traditions – Mongolia is the birthplace of conquerors, emperors and paradise for those who seek for untouched nature. It’s a country full of wild and stormy beauty uninfluenced by the hectic of the western world.

Mongolia is a country thrice as large as Germany in terms of area. However, it is only populated by 3 million people, which leaves mother nature enough room to run wild! Extreme landscapes created by hardly less extreme climate give birth to pure magnificence. The taiga, the mountains and steppes just wait to be explored by adventurers. But if you want to travel through Mongolia, do it on the back of a horse just like the Mongolian nomads themselves would do.

Award-winning actor Ewan McGregor fell in love with this country for a good reason. In the documentary series “Long Way Round”, he explored the nature, people and culture of Mongolia and found beauty and freedom. Defined by a variety of religions that often happen to influence each other, the land of blue skies is a cultural jewel, heavily shaped by Buddhism and Shamanism. Mongolian culture however is more than just religion and belief. It is characterized by many facets and fascinating traditions.

It’s a country where adventurers feel at home. Would you go on an adventure in the land of the brave horsemen and the endless blue skies?