The term “start-up” is currently on everyone’s lips. All it means is a recently launched company. Start-ups flourish in the entire world, but especially in the cities, hundreds of them are launched each year. The Berlin-based start-up scene is the most active one, with start-ups in all kinds of areas. Be it POS systems, car sharing, food & beverage or design, a new market niche can be always found here.

For some time, a change of attitude of the companies towards their employees has become more and more visible. Lately, they have been trying to make work as convenient as possible. Ideas range from great facilities, regular consultations and joint excursions to fitness rooms, relaxation areas and free snacks for the staff.

While reputable companies are only now starting with this change, many start-ups have long known how important a good relationship between employees and employers is. The companies that have just been founded mostly consist of small teams. Each team member identifies with the product and shares the path to success with the rest of the team. Most start-ups are working in a family atmosphere.

You want to get to know a few of the Berlin-based start-ups? Then, please check out Bonativo, an online grocery supplier, or accompany Einhorn Condoms, a manufacturer of vegan condoms that are presented in very special packaging.

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