Jack Ma born in 1964 in Hangzhou is a Chinese entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group.

Jack Ma is a shiny example of a meteoric rise in the world of entrepreneurs and selfmade millionaires. Initially working as an English teacher although he failed the entry exam to his university two times, he was far away from ever making a fortune in his life. However, thanks to a friend, he learned of the existence of the internet, the gate to his unprecedented success. He realized that China played an insignificant role in the world wide web, which is why he borrowed 2000$ to found his own enterprise Chinapages, one of the first Chinese internet-based companies. In 1999, he launched Alibaba.com, now known as China’s biggest and most influential IT company with more than 22,000 employees and several affiliated companies.

As if this wasn’t astounding enough, Jack Ma is certainly the most popular boss in China because he has the reputation of being one of the most humane CEOs you can imagine. He treats his employees more than just well, which is quite uncommon in Chinese companies, sadly. Happy employees are the base for success. This is why he based Alibaba’s internal work structure including the service for his employees on Facebook. On top of all that, he made a name for himself as a philanthropist, China’s top philanthropist to be exact, a title he earned after already paying over 3 $ billion into his charitable trust.

Indeed, Jack Ma is a man with a career many of us dream about. From a young man looking for some beer on the internet to China’s richest man!

Image: © World Economic Forum