The question whether neckties are in or out is a never ending story. The classic among all the accessories will always be an issue for the man, be it in business or at private occasions. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the accessory as it is a symbol of business and tradition. I think answering the question whether it is in or out is pretty hard, because everyone has his own opinion.

Certainly, this classic looks back on decades of success, yet one doesn’t always have to choose the same style. Nowadays, there are thrilling designs which stir up the world of neckties and no longer have much in common with the actual label. Sassy prints, new materials and special tie knots make the cult accessory a trendy eye-catcher.

Even the alternatives are impressive; especially the bowtie that often steals the show. The bowtie has a very specific making it appear young, urban and modern. For me, it is the better choice because it makes the traditional suit more modern and loosens up the style. It goes down pretty well especially with the younger generation.