Tine Mollatt is a fundamentally creative person – this fact was evident even from her early childhood. As a young girl, she was no stranger to stages, with ballet and theatre performances under her belt. At the age of 17, she sewed her first costumes for the opera. Nowadays, she works on her own fashion label: by Ti Mo.

Lifeline, her summer collection 2015, was designed in Amsterdam. It stands for life and ease; for fun and summer. It embodies an entirely feminine style, walking the line between being romantic and cool at the same time. Casual cuts with delicately feminine lines define the image and put an emphasis on the wearer’s figure. The collection plays with combinations of sporty and classic attitudes.

Floral patterns bring out the romantic touch that runs through the entire line. Joyful colors – such as white, light blue, brown and pink – appear soft, delicate and friendly. Flowing summer dresses, floor-length skirts, tunics and thin knitted vests tell the story of an unforgettable summer.

Mollatt also accentuates her designs with the help of pleats, crochet and lace. Interesting cut-outs and plunging necklines allow for a muted sexiness. When it comes to the accentuation of feminity, this surely is one of the most beautiful collections for it.

Copyright and source: http://www.bytimo.no