The Rolex brand of watches combines sophisticated design with high performance mechanics. Based in Geneva, Rolex has always stood for luxury watches. As a globally recognized, prestigious and acclaimed company, the watch brand presents extraordinary designs. Despite the classic appearance, the watches are contemporary and modern. This combination of classic beauty and modern requirements makes the collections so special.

Not only is the watch functional, but it is also a piece of jewelry, a prestigious object. In various collections, Rolex was dedicated to the versatility of this jewelry which is equipped with modern mechanics. Innovation is operated not only in terms of mechanics, but also in terms of design. As a result, luxurious materials come together in ever new combinations.

Both men and women get their money’s worth while rummaging through the product range. Differences can be found in the type of bracelet (leather or a metal strip), in the color and shape of the dial as well as in the size of the watch and in the built-in mechanism. Also, there are monochromatic, classic subtle models alongside striking statement watches.

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