Innovative and luxury watches aren’t the only things that are made in Switzerland, as this place is also home to trendy shoes. This is at least proven by Navyboot, a label that meets the pulse of the time thanks to its creations. It is even more than that! The contemporary collection brings together the best of past, present and future! You will find true classics, but also surprising innovations in the product range.

I would like to focus in particular on a more traditional shoe, the ballerina. This was in fact invented in late 19th century and became popular thanks to an illustration on the cover of Vogue a few decades ago. The similarity with ballet shoes gave it the name.

The navyboot also has the benefits of ballet flats, which doesn’t only have to do with the comfortable fit. Other benefits include the feminine look and the flat sole, though it can still be worn for evening wear. In summer 2016, the ballerinas become even more comfortable. Thanks to elastic material and a flexible sole, the Navyboot ballerinas adapt to the foot of the wearer. This perfectly fitting shoe is available in several colors, including pastel and metallic colors, but also royal blue and bright maroon.

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