Individuality plays a crucial role in fashion. However, it’s not always conditioned by innovation, since it’s worth picking out the classics from time to time and giving them a new touch. A lot of trends deal with colors, also including black-and-white, which is probably a never-ending trend.

Most of all, it’s made of contrasts that make it vivid. Looking at them separately, you’ll instantly notice distinct contrasts. Black stands for the dark, the sinful, sensuality and seduction as well as for timelessness and elegance whereas white stands for romance, innocence, brightness and beauty. Combining both means combining the best of their features. This is simply indispensable.

Finding a matching outfit is pretty easy and doesn’t necessarily stick to one specific style as almost every style can benefit from this color-play which enhances your personality at the same time. This combination can be found on patterns or on separate pieces. Both can look amazing thanks to their unique character.

Black & white fashion is a must, be it for a special occasion or for a party. How about trying to combine the black mom jeans with a white blouse or the white evening dress with black accessories? Trust me, it’ll look brilliant!

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