Jarre, the French god of interior design, did it again. Once more, he is proving that if you listen to your favorite music in style, it will become a unique experience. And what could be more stylish than the speakers by Jarre Technology?

The new AeroTwist is a mobile Boombox, which enables you and your friends to listen to loud high-quality music even when the next electrical outlet is a mile away. These speakers are definitely the perfect gadget if you want to throw a private open-air party with your friends. But what makes the AeroTwist stand out from ordinary boomboxes? It’s the round shape. Thanks to the circular ring shape, the Aerotwist can blast off music in all directions. Furthermore, due to the fact that it consists of two half circles, it can be twisted at your pleasure to modify the sound.

The speaker is a real lightweight weighing only 650 grams. Furthermore, you can enjoy your favorite music for 10h straight if you made sure that the battery is fully charged. The stylish speaker is available in several colors to cater to different tastes: Black, white, pink, silver, green, blue and even more shades are offered. Thanks to Bluetooth and a Mini USB port, the gadget can be connected to your smart phones or tablets.

For more information go to  jarre.com.