In 2016 the brand M.Asam launched two different fragrances with their matching toiletry.

The first fragance is an Eau De Toilette, which was released in a collection called DREAMS OF ROSES. The seductive product is defined by weightless elegance with hints of pink and white rose petals. Furthermore, the collection includes a body lotion and a body scrub that share the same light and sophisticated character and scent profile as the Eau de Toilette.  Natural vanilla and rosewater give the dreamy scent a sensual warmth.

The mild body wash contains vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients, which enables a very gentle cleanse during the shower. After using the body wash, you are advised to energize your skin with the luxurious body scrub that contains revitalizing vitamin E and sugar crystals soaked in grape seed oil. It gently removes all dead skin cells and leaves a smooth skin surface. Lastly, treat your skin with the creamy texture of the body cream that will moisturize and nourish it with the help of high-quality beauty ingredients like grape seed oil, vitamin E, almond oil, cocoa and shea butter.

The second fragrance is a beautiful Eau De Parfum that is capable of turning every man’s head. Orange blossom is paired with white jasmine and pink pepper to create a luxurious scent profile. The heart note lives off the discreet and yet explosive contrast of white flowers and roasted coffee, patchouli, vanilla and precious woods. The rich body butter that comes with the perfume contains shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil, providing moisture and leaving a luxurious feel to the skin.

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