The Red Shoes is a British screen adaptation of a story written by Hans Christian Andersen. Starring Antan Walbrook and Moria Shearer, it hit the cinemas in 1948 and won the hearts of hundreds of viewers and many Oscars.

The movie deals with a young ballerina coming from a good home. She was discovered by a rich and successful ballet manager who declares himself willing to promote her. The ballerina falls in love with the ballet composer, which however displeases the manager. He forbids them to enter a relationship, which is why the two lovers leave the ballet behind. However, she couldn’t stay away from the stage for too long. After a while, she managed to return to the ballet theatre where she was offered to dance in the piece “The Red Shoes”. Torn between her love for her husband and her passion for ballet, despair takes control over her, which then climaxes in her suicide. When she died in the arms of her husband, she finally asks him to take off her red shoes.

This classic movie lives off its beautiful pictures, the colors and the camera movements that were considered a piece of art at that time. If you are a fan of Hans Christian Andersen’s sad stories and ballet, then I really recommend watching this classic.