At the beginning of fall last year, a new trend has already emerged. It’s called “bold colors” and in this case, it is about gaudy red. Somehow, you have to oppose the dreary gray of winter, best done with colorful fashion?! While in recent years, earth tones, dark blue, greens and black have dominated the winter fashion, it is time for colorful highlights.

This season, there are different designs of the winter coat which mainly differs regarding the length. In addition to the short coat, there are knee-length versions and long coats that almost reach the ankles. They are my favorites out of all. All of them come in thrilling red this year. The signal color polarizes, especially when it comes to such a striking piece like the winter coat.

Bright red gives the winter coat something extraordinary. You’ll stand out from the crowd, from the gloomy city and white snow. However, not everyone is into popping colors. Nevertheless, you don’t have to forego the trendy coat, because even the Bordeaux-colored version will gain positive feedback without you having to play-act.

Either way, those who love to experiment should definitely get a red jacket and oppose the last few weeks of winter in a colorful and fashionable way!

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