This year, the bodysuit celebrates a prodigious comeback! It’s being rediscovered as a feminine highlight, making its way from the category of intimate wear to leisurewear. It’s a great alternative to tops, and gives you a fantastic body shape when worn under a pullover. Needless to say, new forms and colours are suddenly coming into play. The bodysuit was an integral garment in the 90s, and looks to be heading for a huge revival.

The bodysuit leaves nothing to chance. It’s where comfort and functionality meet glamour, style and sensuality. It’s only a matter of time until the bodysuit clambers its way back into the top 10 garments of everyday life!

For daily wear, I’d recommend a simple design, such a black bodysuit with lace details on the neckline. It’s usually available in either a figure hugging or a wider-cut version, and the casual cut is one of the fashion industry’s latest trends. Its waistline seams and wide upper body reminds you of an ordinary top, but it has an added advantage in that it stays tucked in place without you having to pull it down all the time!

The bodysuit is even capturing the hearts of the lingerie industry – designers are amazed by its unique and sensual look, and there are so many variants of the bodysuit already on the market. Focus is usually set on its neckline and back details, and casual cuts romp alongside traditional cuts,

While the fashion industry takes advantage of the bodies, it’s also capturing the lingerie segment. Designers that are amazed by the unique and sensual look have already created many versions of the body. Casual and traditional cuts meet each other and the focus is usually being set on the décolleté and back – talk about sexy!

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