Anyone can get the money’s worth at Bonprix! The current trend color red is represented in the extensive collection of labels. Especially regarding feminine dresses, there is a wide range. From the short t-shirt dress to the gallant evening gown, Bonprix knows how to spotlight the sensual color.

Red is the color of love. It is romantic, seductive, sexy and modern, just like Bonprix. The label doesn’t only cover the entire color palette from garish orange-red to dark Bordeaux, but various styles as well. In this collection, you’ll find casual dresses, but also extravagant and glamorous pieces.

That’s why there are several highlights in the selection! One of them is a checkered shift dress, which flatters an amazingly feminine silhouette. Another highlight is a Bordeaux evening dress, embellished with glitter elements on the waterfall décolleté. Other garments have details made of lace, sequins or prints.

Red is incredibly versatile, proven by Bonprix yet again.

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