For most, they are the heroes of their childhood: Carlo Pedersoli (Bud Spencer) and Mario Girotti (Terence Hill). With hunger, humor and slapping villains, they could entertain old and young people, in a large number of movies. Still today, after Pedersoli’s death, that many fans took badly, the duo’s classic movies ensure a good mood. The love for the movies brought even a Kickstarter campaign from the software studio Trinity Team, in order to set a digital monument for the two beating heroes. In a short time, the first official videogame has been financially supported.

Slap and Beans is a Side-Scrolling Beat’em up in the same style of classics like Double Dragon, Battle Toads or Street of Rage. For this reason, the game is not only a Revival of the duo’s movies, but represents also a game genre that is almost dead.

The title should be released in December 2017. Then, you could with the Cult duo in Retro pixel graphics, alone or with a friend, slap a large number of bad guys. In many Mini-games, you could, in addition,compete in a Hot dog eating contest or you could ride on the iconic Dune Buggy from “Watch out, we are mad!

Even if the Kickstarter campaign has already reached the minimum goal, it is not over. Until 11th December it’s still possible to contribute, to reach other Stretch Goals. Part of them are advanced settings in the game and the license for the original soundtracks of the complete Filmography of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill that could be a great addition to recreate the charm of the movies.

Here you can find the Kickstarter Campaign for Slaps and Beans.