Hey Beauties.

I got some great news for you guys. I spent all morning online to look for great deals for today’s Beauty on a Budget article but I couldn’t find one after the great specials over Valentines Day. But what I did find was a nice little promotion TheBodyNeeds had in store. TheBodyNeeds is a rather popular website amongst bloggers and youtubers. They sell MAC lipsticks for 2.50€, which is insane. Their secret is they buy originally sized MAC products and depot them. The lipsticks for example are transferred into long and thin tubes and contain 0.5 gr. of the product, which makes it the perfect sample size. You can order the lipstick, wear and try it out on your lips before splurging on an actual lip product by MAC for 20€. TheBodyNeeds are located in the states, which is why many of the European customers wait for a promotion like this one to place their order. You normally would have to pay $7 for the shipping alone but with the additional 35% off the whole product range the whole shopping trip is bearable. Besides MAC lipsticks you can also buy Paint Pots and Pigments by the brand. It’s basically an oasis for a MAC lover like me.

I really hope you can find something for yourself or a friend of yours. I’m off to fill my little shopping bag because the deal ends tomorrow.

Use the code 4835 at the end of your purchase.

Have fun!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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