Lino Villaventura is pure drama. His fashion is somewhere between wearability and art and would also be in good hands in a museum. The elaborate silhouettes, exceptional details and the draping of the fabric provide more than just an eye-catcher. The garments were made to go exploring.

Deep black or colorful, the focus is set on the designs and floor-length robes. Flowing fabrics and hoods are part of almost every look. Especially the latter provide an additional mysterious touch. Pleats, fringes, rags and layers refine the mystical look.

The garments are often combined with color- and style-matching scarves that replace the hood. Elaborate headgear is an integral part of Lino Villaventura. They complete the design that wouldn’t be complete without them. The latest collection shows up all-black, including solid materials and leather elements. This is what mysterious and gloomy high fashion is about!

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