Amazing landscapes and dreamlike destinations aren’t only situated abroad, but can also be found in Germany. The Black Forest, the Alps, the Baltic Sea, the Mecklenburg Lake plates – all  these regions want to be discovered. One of my favorite travel destinations in Germany, however, is Saxon Switzerland, which is loved not only by hiking fans, but also by everyone else for its beautiful nature.

The Saxon Switzerland is the Saxon part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains which extends to Czech Republic, where it’s called Bohemian Switzerland. The highest peak of the Sandstone Mountains range extends 562 meters into the sky. The Saxon Switzerland National Park enchants visitors with unusual rock formations and magical trails between large, towering rocks.

The landmark, the Basteibrücke, is only one reason for a holiday in the Saxon Switzerland. There are long and short hiking trails, lakes and gorges. Also popular is climbing on the sandstone rocks. You can sleep under rock ledges at designated areas, also known as “boof”.

Do you want a unique holiday experience? Then check out the Saxon Switzerland!