Shoes, handbags and accessories are what the label Tamaris is about. Here, you’ll only find women’s items. I particularly like the variety that exists in terms of winter shoes. Tamaris combines contemporary, current trends with timelessness, and with regards to that, she creates models that impress with fashion-consciousness and durability. Tamaris also serves a wide field and can’t be pigeonholed.

Tamaris Shoes are versatile and can’t be clearly assigned to one specific style. The winter shoes are versatile; there are both feminine boots as well as distinctive lace-up boots, allowing every woman to find a pair of shoes that suits her style. With urban, sporty, lined sneakers on one side, and knee-high boots as well as chic boots on the other, Tamaris approaches the woman from many different angles.

For a casual Friday I recommend the ankle boot in the reptile look, which elongates the leg with its small heel. Those who want to prove their fashion expertise at the office should opt for the Bordeaux-colored ankle boot. Sporty ladies can wear the sneakers that include a white sole. They can be easily combined with a plain pair of jeans.

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