Mariana Jungmann takes inspiration by the works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and sculptor Monica Piloni for her latest A/W 16/17 collection “Deshecho”.

Just like the two Latin artists, a strong yet unsettling aesthetic is playfully reworked by Jungmann into something beautifully unexpected.

Jungmann’s way of using very feminine design alongside traditional tailoring techniques ties into a contemporary, unorthodox way.

Embroidered dresses, contrasting textures and sophisticated detailing bring the Mexican heritage to life in voluminous skirts and non-traditional ponchos.

A strong feature on all of her collections is the use of handmade renaissance lace, which for this show, which took place within the frameworks of the Berlin Fashion Week 2016, was showered with over ten thousand hand embroidered Swarovski crystals.

More Information: Mariana Jungmann

Images: ©Arne Eberle Agency