If you really want to get to know the real look of Berlin, then you won’t get around the streetwear label Mvschi Kreuzberg. The Kreuzberg-based label provokes wherever possible, playing with humorous prints that bring the swag from Kreuzberg to the world. This is how basic sportswear has received a new face.

For all who are looking for the real Berlin, the search ends here. Mvschi Kreuzberg’s street style is simply unbeatable. Here is where the hip district of Berlin Kreuzberg meets New York City. Whether you’re a boy or girl, you won’t be able to get around this outstanding design in any case. The label is known for its puns and rebels against the rest of the fashion world. They call it “Hood Couture” or apply messages such as “SchelleSchelle”, “Hustle Athletics”, “Dolce & Bandana” or “Schönlein Brillant” on long shirts, hoodies, sweaters and bomber jackets. The real message lies behind the prints that are kept in classical colors. Everything else is irrelevant!

Currently, they are attracting attention with their featured campaign with One Warm Winter. The t-shirts and sweaters with prints like “Home Street Home” and “Life is not a Metro Station” are not only dope, but also serve a good cause. Palina Rojinski, Marteria, Joko, Klaas, Olli Schulz and Prinz Pi are leading the way!

More Information: www.muschikreuzberg.de