Since 1894, the British fashion label Daks, founded by Simeon Simpson, has been on the market. Over time, since the foundation until now, the label has been influencing many garments and sometimes was even able to re-invent them. The huge client base of the label includes several members of the British royal house, which is something the designers behind the label are very proud of. In more than thirty countries and 2000 stores all over the world, the luxurious garments by Daks can be found. 

The women’s fashion of the label is simple and very elegant. White, light fabrics determine and define the latest collection. Floating and flowing blouses and tunics can be found as well as transparent fabric jackets. Brown and beige shades dominate many different pieces of clothing. Light coats and chic shorts are combined with checked tops.

Men can enjoy extraordinarily elegant clothes such as shirts, dress pants and noble sports coats on the one hand. On the other hand, cheeky and eye-catching designs are available as well. For this reason, you can find colorfully checked shirts, which are worn with a short pair of pants and a top hat. Brown and grey has to be mixed with colorful elements according to the brand. Orange ties or bow-ties and colorfully checked belts are worn with classical men’s fashion. Checked patterns have been applied onto many different garments like sweaters, shirts or sports coats. The combination of different pieces of clothing with huge checked patterns truly defines the modern and cheeky charm of the latest collection.

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