To own a cat is to bring happiness in one‘s life. Who wouldn’t want to have a small bundle of joy rubbing its head against your leg while meowing in such an adorable way, that you just can’t help but obey its every command? Unfortunately some people are cursed with an animal dander, making it impossible for them to own a kitten of their own.

Luckily, even for those poor souls, salvation is finally at hand. And it comes in form of so called “hypoallergenic cats”, turning the lifelong dream of obtaining a purring animal companion finally into reality. You might now ask yourself how this is possible, considering that common knowledge states that people with this kind of animal dander are allergic towards cat’s hair (and last time we checked most cats did in fact possess hair).

Truth be told, in most cases common knowledge is not the stuff that wins you your highschool’s science award. As a matter of fact, sufferers from animal dander are allergenic towards the remnant of a protein produced on the cat’s tongue which then is used to clean its fur. However, some cats (those we call the hypoallergenic ones) use a different kind of protein, which has no potential for triggering the dreaded reaction.

But enough with all this science gibberish. As someone who is affected by this condition, maybe you are already gathering your purse and your coat in order to rush to the nearest pet shop – and who could blame you? Here are the most common hypoallergenic cat breeds, which are Javanese Cats, German Rex, Oriental Shorthair and Balinese Cats.

Now hurry, before the other allergy sufferers hear this great news as well. Get yourself a new purring companion.