In the fashion world but also in the field of interior design there are many products that are made with fur. While some feel more comfortable investing in fake fur, others prefer luxury and choose the real fur version. There are some key points that you can use to see whether you are dealing with real fur or fake fur.

1. Wind: fake fur and real fur show a difference in their texture when they get in contact with wind. When blowing into real fur, you will notice that it moves but goes back to its original shape afterwards. Faux fur on the other hand moves and then remains in that position.

2. Leather: Look at the material to which the fur is attached. When you see leather and skin, you can be sure that you are dealing with real fur. Fake fur is attached to some kind of fabric.

3. Baby hairs: Real fur is characterized by those small, very soft hairs as an undercoat. It’s almost like baby hair. If that is not the case, you are dealing with false fur.