Leather goods are still considered a herald of luxury, especially when they’re high-quality and designed in a modern style. Italian fashion house TOD’s combines incredible quality with a sense for current trends, presenting a winter collection in which attention to details goes hand in hand with simplicity. Their target audience consists of modern, self-confident women who know how to couple innovation with a classic sense of style – and that’s exactly what TOD’s is doing.

Attention is primarily paid to the high quality of the materials, which have been presented in modern styles. Slim leather goods are the flagship pieces of the coming winter season. With careful processing of the delicate material, TOD’s guarantees the highest of quality standards for the customers. In winter, leather products are usually associated with knitwear and jacquard pieces.

The details are a particularly source of excitement – geometric patterns and visible seams assume the main roles. Elegant, modern two-piece suits stand on equal ground with coats and jackets. The colour choice has been concentrated mainly upon black, beige, white and Bordeaux. A certain elation is aroused through the patterns, which is then grounded again through the addition of monochromatic pieces.

It’s the details in the cuts, such as unexpected volume or a maxi-collar, that determine a premium picture. The cheeky patterns ensure a modern touch, while the materials underline the luxuriousness of it all. One must-have of the season is the leather duo of skirt and blazer, while another is the bright red leather coat! Of course, Tod’s identity is defined by their handbags, and they fit perfectly to these pieces at all times.

Weitere Info: www.tods.com