When purchasing makeup brushes, most people don’t really know or care about how they’ve been produced. The market offers a huge range of synthetic brushes and natural ones made of animal hair. Both have certainly their pros and cons, but if we consider how much pain animals have to endure just so that humans can hold some beauty tools in their hands, we should better opt for the cruelty-free variant.

The second reason is that synthetic brushes are much easier to clean and to maintain. Also animal hair brushes tend to be more affected to bacteria, which also causes them to spread them easier and harm your skin. Since creams and liquids are especially affected by this problem, they are actually always used with synthetic brushes, which also ensure an easier application.

Too Faced is one of the brands that offer cruelty-free brushes. Their brushes are made from teddy bear hair that feels like soft natural hair and is easy to handle. Aside from this, Too Faced also always convinces with outstanding, cute designs and colors. A more affordable pick would be EcoTools Brushes, which come in a more simple and muted design. Beauty fans in Germany can usually find them at TKMaxx, where their prices range from € 5- € 15 depending on the size of the set. The bristles are very soft and work smoothly on your skin.

EcoTools Essential Eye Set ($ 7.99)

Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set ($ 65)

More Information: www.peta.org

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